Swiss Made Replica Rolex Air-King ‘Domino’s Pizza’ For Sale

The so-called ‘Domino’s Air-King’ is one of the best-known pieces of Rolex folklore and stands out as one of the most incongruous Rolex replica watches for sale ever made.

Ever since 1977, the international fast-food chain has given out Domino’s-branded cheap fake Rolex Air-Kings to store managers to who hit $30,000 per week for four consecutive weeks in sales, among other requirements. Naturally, this weird collaboration between a luxury brand and a pizza chain has given these super clone watches online a cult status.

Strictly speaking, while most examples are Air-Kings, after perfect replica Rolex briefly discontinued the Air-King back in 2014, Domino’s switched to giving out Oyster Perpetuals – with those copy watches for sale featuring unadorned dials and instead boasting bracelets with a unique Domino’s centre link.

In recent years, Domino’s has continued to raise the threshold for the reward (it used to be $10,000 per week, for example) so there are fewer of these oddball Rolexes getting given out. Still, if you’re looking for a Swiss movement fake Rolex that’s a bit different, there are plenty of these out in the wild for sale…

The Swiss Replica Rolex Air-King: A history of the Crown’s most divisive model

When you think of luxury fake Rolex, you don’t exactly think of quirky or unusual watches. Nowadays, the massive brand is known for its simple, surgically measured designs. Only one model remains the odd one out. The cheap replica Rolex Air-King is probably the quirkiest Rolex piece currently in production, along with the Milgauss. It is one of the oldest models from the brand, is made of stainless steel, and has the Rolex logo on the dial, but why doesn’t it get all the hype that other stainless-steel perfect replica Rolexes get? If you ask me, it is still a great option if you want a Rolex but want to stand out a bit at the next dinner with your friends.

The 1:1 fake Rolex Air-King story starts in 1945. It was Hans Wilsdorf’s idea to make a product line directly tailored to pilots. In the troubled times of the Second World War, many pilots began to wear wristwatches, especially aaa quality replica Rolex Oysters. In aviation, a watch is not only used for timekeeping, it can be very useful for navigation and various calculations as well. That is why many pilot’s watches come with an endless number of scales printed on their dials. Back then, all they had was a basic three-hander.
The first Swiss made fake Air-King was the reference 4925. It was part of the “Air” series, along with the Air-Giant, the Air-Lion, and the Air-Tiger. The first Air-King is now hard to find as these watches became collectible and are now close to being 80 years old. The 4925 was very much like the Bubblebacks from the same period. It featured a creamy white dial with even Arabic numerals. The top fake Rolex crown was way smaller and simply printed. For a few years, the Rolex Air-King super clone for sale remained an Oyster spin-off with roughly the same aesthetics and hand-wound movements. It was in 1953 when the collection started to establish its own design language. The reference 6652 has abandoned the Arabic numerals and now featured 11 sticks on the dial. The crown has moved up to a position familiar to us.

Probably the most significant release was the reference 5500 in 1957. This reference was available for 32 years. It had a 34-millimetre Oystersteel case with a matching three-link bracelet. This became the iconic Rolex Air-King super clone online, with either the calibre 1520 or 1530 inside. The easiest way to identify which one is used is to look at the dial. The 5500 was minimalist, with only a couple lines of text on its dial. If it said “Precision” it housed the 1520 movement; however, if the dial read “Super-precision” it used the more modern 1530. Being the entry-level Swiss movement replica Rolex, the Air-King was never “Superlative Chronometer Certified”. Interestingly, the 5500 was the first ever Rolex to feature an in-house movement. Throughout its 32-year life, the model got some little updates, mainly visual ones. For example, the lume was changed from radium to tritium, for obvious reasons.

In 1989, high quality fake Rolex finally released an update to the Air-King collection. Under its new sapphire crystal, the reference 14000 featured a dial layout similar to the one on today’s Air-Kings with Arabic numerals at 3, 6, and 9 separated by stick markers. An option with only stick markers was also present. The model got the new calibre 3000 movement running at 4 Hz with 42 hours of power reserve. It was like a spaceship compared to the movements used previously. At this time the engine turned bezel made its introduction into the Air-King. It was a logical addition, as AAA quality replica Rolex only made fluted bezels from precious metals, which did not fit the entry-level model’s image. After the Earth survived Y2K, Rolex fake for sale updated the collection with the 3130 movement. It featured a longer power reserve and a Parachrom hairspring.
For the first time in its history, the top super clone Rolex Air-King became a chronometer with the introduction of reference 114200. It still used the same movement, but it was now certified. Along this line, the option for a white gold fluted bezel shifted the model from being the simplest Rolex replica for sale.

In 2016, the weirdness mentioned at the beginning started. Swiss super clone Rolex introduced the reference 116900 after discontinuing the previous reference in 2014. It now featured the same 40-millimetre Oystersteel case as the Milgauss, the other weird kid on the block. It also shared the same movement with the same anti-magnetic features, pushing the Milgauss to the side. Many changes happened to the dial, too. The quirky numerals surrounding the unusual amount of colour for a best replica Rolex are my favourite part of this watch. It is likely the most polarising Rolex dial of all.

Last year was a big year for the high end fake Rolex Air-King. Rolex debuted the reference 126900 with an all-new movement and an improved bracelet. Oh, and crown guards. Overall, the 2022 update gave a sportier look to the entry-level Rolex copy online. Now, it is similar to the Explorer line, only with a different dial. And what a dial that is. Judging from the brand’s habits, the divisive dial is here to stay for at least a few years. Many will not like it, but thankfully it is not the only watch in best quality replica Rolex’s catalogue.