Jack Nicklaus Will Auction His Noble Rolex Day-Date Replica Watch

Phillips announced that a precious fake Rolex Day-Date would be sold on the New York auction held in Dec.10 this year. It caused a heat in the world since this timepiece has accompanied Jack Nicklaus, one of the great golf players more than 50 years.

Day-Date has always been chosen by many famous social celebrities.

Rolex Day-Date Copy With Gold Bracelet

This gold case copy Rolex could be one of the most legendary models of Rolex till now. The model was given by Rolex as gift to Jack Nicklaus in 1967 and during the 50 years, it witnessed every wonderful moment when Jack Nicklaus won the championship.

The revenue of this timepiece will be donated to charity.

Champagne Dial Fake Rolex Watch

From many old pictures, you will see the image of this perfect knockoff watch. The revenue of this Rolex will be donated to Nicklaus UNICEF to help more children.

Wearing Experience Of Rolex Day-Date Replica Watches With Ice-Blue Dial

After buying the perfect fake Rolex Day-Date watches, I gave up the sport Rolex such as Submariner. Now I will tell you the wearing experience of this new timepiece.

  • It is heavy

As the case and bracelet are made of the white gold, the Day-Date is very heavy.

White Gold Bracelet Copy Rolex Day-Date

Rolex copy with white gold case is really heavy. As everyone knows, all the models of Day-Date are made of the precious metal, so they are always very heavy. It will be Okay for everyday use but if wearing it for a long time, you will feel that your wrists and hand will be tired.

  • It is beautiful

The ice-blue dial looks fresh and pure.

White Gold Case Replica Rolex

The 40 mm knockoff watch is really beautiful I think no one could resist its beauty no matter the men or the women. The ice-blue dial could reflect different colors under different lights. When in doors, it looks not bright, instead, it looks profound and deep.

  • It is low-key

Many people said that it looked just like an ordinary steel Rolex. But that is just what I am interested in. The temperament of this Rolex is really attractive to me.