A museum worthy 1:1 Fake Rolex ‘Comex’ Sea-Dweller ref. 1665

Double-signed Rolex replica watches for sale are among some of the most coveted watches in the world. But within this segment, few, if any, are coveted more than Rolex fake watches for sale produced for Comex divers. For those unfamiliar, Comex is a French company that specialises in deep diving and engineering and is celebrated for their pioneering innovations in regard to deep diving technologies and saturation diving overall.

It was founded by Henri-Germain Delauze in 1961, and I mention Delauze because this circa 1978 “Comex” Rolex Sea-Dweller replica online was gifted by him to the original owner of the watch, Jessie Sanders, in recognition of Sanders’ efforts during the testing of their hyperbaric chamber.

The Swiss made replica Rolex, now consigned by the original owner’s family to Sotheby’s, is a collector’s dream, with a full set of accessories that completes the picture of its Comex origins. Sotheby’s explains: “The lot is accompanied by an incredible suite of effects that merit their own value. Jesse Sander’s Comex business card, a framed Comex Services Special Meritorious Award for Engineering Innovation, Sander’s original Comex windbreaker and hard hat, just to name a few.”

The aaa quality replica Rolex, I can attest, is in great condition which I would once again describe as “worn but loved”. The aluminium insert of the bezel has some minor markings, but has faded into a rich dark navy blue colour that pairs very nicely, by coincidence, with Sanders’ blue Comex windbreaker. Considering the lot as a whole, both the watch and included historical accessories, I have never seen a richer example of a “Comex” cheap fake Rolex Sea-Dweller for sale. The set really is museum-worthy, and it was an absolute thrill to carefully try on not only the watch but the windbreaker as well.

Senior Vice President, Head of Online Sales and Senior Specialist Richard Lopez flew to meet the family and record it’s incredible story. Richard Lopez explains: “Beyond the watch itself, the family was kind enough to provide us with incredible period ephemera from Mr Sander’s time at COMEX. Some of these item’s include his Comex business card, his Comex Services Special Meritorious Award for Engineering Innovation, as well as Sander’s original Comex windbreaker and hard hat. With aaa quality replica watches like this, provenance is everything and we’re proud to bring it to light and tell this story.”

Swiss Made Replica Rolex Air-King ‘Domino’s Pizza’ For Sale

The so-called ‘Domino’s Air-King’ is one of the best-known pieces of Rolex folklore and stands out as one of the most incongruous Rolex replica watches for sale ever made.

Ever since 1977, the international fast-food chain has given out Domino’s-branded cheap fake Rolex Air-Kings to store managers to who hit $30,000 per week for four consecutive weeks in sales, among other requirements. Naturally, this weird collaboration between a luxury brand and a pizza chain has given these super clone watches online a cult status.

Strictly speaking, while most examples are Air-Kings, after perfect replica Rolex briefly discontinued the Air-King back in 2014, Domino’s switched to giving out Oyster Perpetuals – with those copy watches for sale featuring unadorned dials and instead boasting bracelets with a unique Domino’s centre link.

In recent years, Domino’s has continued to raise the threshold for the reward (it used to be $10,000 per week, for example) so there are fewer of these oddball Rolexes getting given out. Still, if you’re looking for a Swiss movement fake Rolex that’s a bit different, there are plenty of these out in the wild for sale…