Swiss Made Replica Rolex Air-King ‘Domino’s Pizza’ For Sale

The so-called ‘Domino’s Air-King’ is one of the best-known pieces of Rolex folklore and stands out as one of the most incongruous Rolex replica watches for sale ever made.

Ever since 1977, the international fast-food chain has given out Domino’s-branded cheap fake Rolex Air-Kings to store managers to who hit $30,000 per week for four consecutive weeks in sales, among other requirements. Naturally, this weird collaboration between a luxury brand and a pizza chain has given these super clone watches online a cult status.

Strictly speaking, while most examples are Air-Kings, after perfect replica Rolex briefly discontinued the Air-King back in 2014, Domino’s switched to giving out Oyster Perpetuals – with those copy watches for sale featuring unadorned dials and instead boasting bracelets with a unique Domino’s centre link.

In recent years, Domino’s has continued to raise the threshold for the reward (it used to be $10,000 per week, for example) so there are fewer of these oddball Rolexes getting given out. Still, if you’re looking for a Swiss movement fake Rolex that’s a bit different, there are plenty of these out in the wild for sale…