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— WorldTempus is happy to welcome Ernest Borel as a new replica watches partner.

Ernest Borel

Founded in 1856, Ernest Borel has always been closely tied to the Rolex replica watchmaking region of the Swiss Jura, but was from the begining able to undergo rapid expansion throughout Europe, the Americas and Asia, where the company is today one of the best-known quality Swiss Made brands.

In the 1940s, Ernest Borel launched its famous Cocktail model, featuring an hour hand with 2 discs for the minutes and seconds. This model was an immediate worldwide success, contributing to the expertise and reputation of Ernest Borel, especially in the United States, where the Swiss replica watches was a huge success.


Cocktail, ref. LGR8080-28291WH.
© Ernest Borel

Ernest Borel has a production facility in La Chaux-de-Fonds and inaugurated a new factory and headquarters in 2009 in Le Noirmont.

The brand remains loyal to the values and heritage of its founder, Jules Borel, blending elegance and tradition in cheap fake watches with an unmistakable character for gents and ladies .