Wearing Experience Of Rolex Day-Date Replica Watches With Ice-Blue Dial

After buying the perfect fake Rolex Day-Date watches, I gave up the sport Rolex such as Submariner. Now I will tell you the wearing experience of this new timepiece.

  • It is heavy

As the case and bracelet are made of the white gold, the Day-Date is very heavy.

White Gold Bracelet Copy Rolex Day-Date

Rolex copy with white gold case is really heavy. As everyone knows, all the models of Day-Date are made of the precious metal, so they are always very heavy. It will be Okay for everyday use but if wearing it for a long time, you will feel that your wrists and hand will be tired.

  • It is beautiful

The ice-blue dial looks fresh and pure.

White Gold Case Replica Rolex

The 40 mm knockoff watch is really beautiful I think no one could resist its beauty no matter the men or the women. The ice-blue dial could reflect different colors under different lights. When in doors, it looks not bright, instead, it looks profound and deep.

  • It is low-key

Many people said that it looked just like an ordinary steel Rolex. But that is just what I am interested in. The temperament of this Rolex is really attractive to me.