Russell Crowe Gifts Liam Hemsworth $20,000 Perfect Swiss Fake Rolex Watches

Russell Crowe gave fellow actor and pal Liam Hemsworth a very generous, and pricey, gift just moments before they hit the red carpet for the premiere of their new film.

Speaking at the Poker Face premiere in Sydney on Tuesday, Liam, 32, revealed to Kyle and Jackie O’s Intern Pete that Russell presented him with $20,000 best Rolex Deepsea replica watches.

‘He bought me this high quality Rolex super clone watches. I went over to his house tonight. He gave me this,’ Liam said, flashing the Oystersteel Rolex replica watches for sale.

‘He’s a great friend. I love him,’ he added.

Intern Pete then jokingly asked if he could have the AAA US replica Rolex watches, which Liam didn’t appear to hear.

‘I shouldn’t have asked that,’ he said to the Australian actor.

During the segment, host Kyle Sandilands blasted Pete for asking Liam to give him the brand new cheap Rolex copy watches.

‘You asked him for the luxury Rolex replica watches. He’s only had it on his arm for one hour,’ Kyle, 51, said.

‘I just thought maybe I’ll catch him on a good moment. Maybe he could give that Swiss movements fake Rolex watches to me,’ Pete replied.

‘It comes across desperate,’ Kyle added.

Liam cosied up with his model girlfriend Gabriella Brooks, 26, at the Sydney premiere of Stan’s Poker Face on Tuesday.

The genetically blessed couple were all smiles as they put on a united front for the star-studded blue carpet alongside Russell Crowe, sister-in-law Elsa Pataky and singer Natalie Imbruglia.

The couple’s last public appearance was at the exclusive charity gala Gold Dinner on June 10, 2021.

Liam looked dashing on the night in a fitted black suit which he paired with a crisp white shirt and black tie. He finished his look with lace-up shoes.

Meanwhile, Gabriella opted for a sleeveless gold semi-sheer frock which clung to her slender figure. She finished her look with a pair of pointed, gold heels.

The stunning beauty wore her brunette hair up for the occasion and highlighted her delicate features.

InTouch claimed the couple called time on their relationship in August this year.

Gabriella was said to be ‘heartbroken’ after the Hunger Games star ended the romance because he ‘didn’t want to be tied down’ when his acting work picked back up again after the pandemic ended.  

The couple were first linked in December 2019 when they were seen having lunch with Liam’s parents, Leonie and Craig.  

In December 2021, Gabriella told Stellar magazine the past 12 months had been ‘one of the greatest years of my life’ and gave insight into her romance.

‘My personal relationship is very, very important and very sacred to me,’ she said.

‘And I feel like in an industry where so much is put out on show, there are some things you just want to keep to yourself.’

‘I completely understand [the interest in her relationship]. But at the end of the day, I guess I just like having that for me.

‘But he’s great. They [the Hemsworths] are great.

‘They are the most beautiful people and I’m very lucky to know them.’

The New Rolex Perpetual Deepsea Challenge Is Hands-down The Ultimate Dive Fake Watches Online Wholesale

The gargantuan elephant in today’s horology-savvy room is a record-breaking one, all 50mm of it. Yes, we’re talking about the unveiling of luxury replica Rolex‘s first-ever all-titanium watches – the Perpetual Deepsea Challenge – and that little flutter we feel whenever the crown decides to drop some fresh new wristwear.

Much like Patek did last month, Rolex blew away the Halloween cobwebs by revealing this surprising new addition. Before diving into the deep end with this new Swiss made fake Rolex Perpetual Deepsea Challenge watches – it’s the deeeeeeeepest dive – we should serve up some context behind what Titanic (and Avatar) director James Cameron has to do with this new piece, and why the likes of Omega and TAG Heuer might be a little disheartened by the news. Indeed, we didn’t know there was a race on to the bottom of the sea, but then we remembered the experimental cheap Rolex Deepsea replica watches made for Cameron in 2012 where he reached the bottom of the Mariana Trench (the deepest known place in the world’s seas) in a submersible vessel called Deepsea Challenger, which duly triggered food for thought among other watch big dogs as to how low (deep) they can go. This year alone has seen TAG Heuer go to 1000m with its Aquaracer Professional 1000 Superdiver and Omega plunge to depths of 6000m with the Seamaster Planet Ocean Ultra Deep, which has a backstory similar to Cameron’s, and until today held the record.

Swiss movements copy Rolex’s Perpetual Deepsea Challenge watches can function to a depth of 11,000m. AKA, it tears up the record books and laughs in the face of any kind of pressure; exerted at 36,090 feet or in a boardroom when debating Q3 results. It automatically becomes the ultimate diver in the sense that there are no depths it can’t not dive to while remaining waterproof. It also serves as a welcome reminder that 1:1 US replica watches from Rolex’s professional series used to be the über-tool watch, and wearing one was the mark of a seasoned adventurer. Many a watch enthusiast has, googly-eyed, sat next to a weathered 70-year-old adventurer wearing battered AAA Rolex fake watches, and though those days of the one-tool-watch-for-all-occasions may be gone, their features and capabilities should never be forgotten. And judging by the initial reaction to this new Deepsea über-tool, its irrelevance makes it all the more compelling – we love it for all its splendid functional overkill (and its size makes the Submariner look like the dress watch it has now become) In many ways, it also signals a welcome return to the days of competitive technical watchmaking.  

Indeed, there are fresh-feeling vibes about it, coupled with a contrarian joy in the blunt weaponised size of the welterweight case and its dial, and it only takes a glimpse inside to find the well-known China Rolex replica watches details and white gold indices. Are they misplaced in a massive dive tool? Perhaps, but that only makes them sexier. And titanium is a great way to make big feel comfortable, just like the now relegated-to-second-place-in-the-deep-diving-watch-competition Seamaster Ultra Deep, with its bruiser-size and cheeky nato strap. In fact, the very un-Rolex-like titanium case means it might even wear close to a normal watch. With a price tag of £21,850, it’s also not crazy money and is available now (if you know people who know people). At 50mm, you get a decent amount of 2022 Rolex super clone watches – now all we’re thinking about is who in the world could pull off a watch that big? Oh wait, Dwayne Johnson could.

There’s no denying that no one will be diving to depths of 11,000 metres but that’s kind of the beauty of the madness. Technically, Rolex has created a watch that can survive such depths. The industry must applaud the brand for releasing a charming beast, both unhyped and confident in true top Rolex replica watches fashion. But surely this now puts an end to the unspoken rivalry to produce the deepest-diving diver of all divers. Unless, of course, someone can find any deeper oceanic trenches on Earth to test it out in. Challenge accepted.