The 2024 models unveiled by Swiss made replica Rolex at Watches & Wonders

This year marks 70 years since the introduction of the GMT-Master and rumours were swirling that perfect replica Rolex was to introduce a “Coke” bezel version at Watches & Wonders, marking 10 years since the fan-favourite “Pepsi” version came out.

There is a new 1:1 fake Rolex GMT-Master II, but the bezel rumours were off, with Rolex instead introducing a grey and black ceramic bezel to the model for the first time.

The steel-cased Swiss movement fake Rolex is offered in two versions, one with an Oyster bracelet, one with a Jubilee bracelet.

The luxury replica Rolex GMT-Master II carries Rolex’s calibre 3285, the self-winding movement with 70-hour power-reserve that was introduced in 2018. The new versions are in Oystersteel, in celebration of a model that, at its launch, only came in steel.

The case size remains unchanged at 40mm, but sharp-eyed readers will spot that the aaa quality copy Rolex GMT-Master II lettering on the dial is now in green, a nice little touch from a brand that likes to keep its modifications subtle.

Rolex GMT-Master II
Reference Number: 126710GRNR
Case: 40mm Oystersteel
Movement: Calibre 3285 self-winding
Price: from £9350

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Replica Rolex GMT Master
Next up is the aaa quality fake Rolex GMT Master II. Known for its dual time zone feature, this watch is a favourite amongst travellers and businessmen alike.

Averaging out the secondary market price for nine GMT Master references, Morgan Stanley finds it the best performing collection among all high quality replica Rolexes with prices 48.2% over their recommended retail prices.

The average price for a Swiss made fake Rolex GMT Master is quoted at $29,421, which is 7.5% lower than the end of 2022.