Introduction Of Some Rolex T-O-G Replica Watches In History

Only people who are familiar with products of Rolex would have heard the name of “T-O-G”. However, if looking into it carefully, you will find the T-O-G has the important status in history. The first T-O-G appeared at Baselworld in 1953. It was Ref.6202. While the Submariner ref.6204 was launched in 1954 which adopted the similar bezel.

The red second hand is very eye-catching on the black dial.

Rolex T-O-G Fake With Red Second Hand

As the first model with rotatable bezel that Rolex officially launched, the perfect fake Rolex T-O-G watches adopted the black aluminum bezel and classical triangle graduation at 12 o’clock. The simple rotatable bezel can replace the complicated chronograph. So Rolex called it as the “time Recorder”.

Although T-O-G is very significant in the history, it is not as popular as other models of Rolex.

White Dial Copy Rolex T-O-G

Except the earliest models amounted with aluminum bezels, others launched later were made by precious metal. The red second hands and red date window have been the symbolic features of the T-O-G. But after the discontinuing in 1956, these iconic Rolex imitation watches with steel cases had disappeared from our sight. The latest model launched in 2004 was quite different from the earlier ones.