Cheap Fake Rolex Explorer II Blaken Special Edition For Hot Sale

Have you ever seen such a lovely “Peppa Pig” Rolex? The perfect Rolex replica watch features a blue dial that is decorated with pattern of Peppa Pig. It will remind you of the classic cartoon “Peppa Pig”. Absolutely it is not the model that Rolex officially launched. The distinctive model is modified by Blaken.

The cheap timepiece is limited to only 8 pieces.
Swiss Rolex Explorer II Replica Watches

If looking carefully, you will find the blue dial copy model is developed on basis of the Explorer II. The pattern of “Peppa Pig” has been set at left side of the dial. The distinctive model has also attracted numerous modern women.

The modified Rolex Explorer II is eye-catching and lovely.
Blackened Bracelet Copy Rolex

However, it is a pity that this blackened steel case imitation watch is limited to only 8 pieces. The color-matching of black-blue and pink is very eye-catching. The black bezel is decorated with blue diving scales. Will you fall in love with such an amazing Rolex?