Best Quality Rolex Submariner ref. 168000 Replica Watches For Sale

For the cheap fake Rolex Submariner, we picked the ref. 168000, also known as the “Triple Zero.” This transitional reference was in production for only about nine months in 1988–1989 as the successor to the ref. 16800. The main update was the change to 904L stainless steel that Swiss made replica Rolex still uses today. The previous references used the more conventional 316L stainless steel. Besides that, it still used the same caliber 3035, and it looked the same as the ref. 16800 that came before.

So you might ask why we chose this reference if it does not stand out from the perfect fake Rolex ref. 16800, except for the update in stainless steel. On top of that, you can get the ref. 16610 with an updated movement. That’s all true, but as you will probably also know, the world of pre-owned Rolex replica watches for sale places value on production quirks and oddball references, making them great collector’s items. And the ref. 168000 is exactly that — an oddball reference that was only produced for roughly nine months.

Despite that, prices for them have remained on par with the AAA quality fake Rolex ref. 16800 that came before and the ref. 16610 that came after. But it takes no genius to predict that the ref.168000 might become the more desirable collector’s item over time. And until that day comes, you can get your hands on one of these briefly produced pieces for roughly between €9K and €18K, depending on its condition. It buys you the perfect oddball high quality replica Rolex Submariner model.