Do You See These Replcia Rolex Watches With The Gradual Dial And Ceramic Bezel?

The ceramic bezel of Rolex can be said as the classic design in the watchmaking industry, with the further development of the technology of the Rolex ceramic bezel, the gradient ceramic bezel also emerged in the Rolex watches, that also became a scenery of beauty of the Rolex. But whether you have some idea of the gradient Rolex dial?

Red And Blue Replcia Rolex GMT-Master Watches

That must to say that, the ceramic bezel made Rolex different; And gradual bezel also became an important characteristic of Rolex fake watches and also showed the outstanding technology of the ceramic bezel for Rolex. We all know that the gradient Rolex bezel, however, do you know the gradient Rolex dial is still very interesting?

Black And Red Replica Rolex Submariner Watches

The delicate fake Rolex Submariner watches can be said as the most popular one of all the replica Rolex watches, but in 2014, someone has rewrote the history. Among the new fake Rolex watches, there is a replica Rolex Sea-Dweller D-Blue watch with the gradual blue dial, in order to salute to the single deep-well record of James Cameron. And the deepest of the sea that James Cameron had reached is the deepest of the earth – Mariana Trench.

Black Bezel Fake Rolex Sea-Dweller D-Blue Watches

Presumably, Rolex wants to celebrate this feat through the double color dial, from the bright blue to the deep black. The selling point of this stainless steel case replica Rolex watch is the background, another view is the gradient dial. That have to admit that both Rolex ceramic bezel and the gradual dial, that are all soft and not abrupt.

What Kind Of Wonderful Fake Rolex Watches ‘Revolutionary Fighter’ Castro Had Wore?

Rolex is a well-known watch brand, there are many celebrities that love the Rolex, such as Paul Newman, Beckham, of course,. It is said that in the current image data as you can see, for about 70% photos, Castro was wearing Rolex, that can be said as a fan of Rolex, today, let’s introduce some classic replica Rolex he had worn.

Castro And The White Scale Fake Rolex GMT Master 6542 Watches

In the above picture, Castro wore the replica Rolex GMT Master 6542 watch with a leather strap when he was young.

Castro And Stainless Steel Case Replica Rolex GMT Master 1675 Black Watches

Castro loved wearing the fake Rolex GMT series, except the replica Rolex GMT Master 6542, there was another fake Rolex, the white scale replcia Rolex GMT Master 1675 Black watches. He seemed to be loved this watch very much which filmed for many times.

Castro And Gold Case Fake Rolex Day-Date Watches

Except the fake Rolex GMT Master watches, of course, Castro also wore the classic fake Rolex Day-Date watches, the picture above that shows the gold one, the famous president watch, and also wore by the President lyndon Johnson and Warren Buffett.

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