Why AAA Swiss Replica Rolex Watches Is One Of The Most Expensive Watch Manufacturers In The World

15 million euros – that was the sale price of the Rolex from Paul Newman’s estate. Such a price is certainly an exception, but the prices for the mythical luxury watches from Switzerland continue to reach dizzying heights. It is not uncommon for some best Rolex replica watches to pay five to six-digit sums. What are the reasons? What makes a Rolex so expensive? In this article we explain the secret behind Rolex.

High demand determines the price

The demand for classics like the China Rolex Submariner replica watches is unbroken. Prices have risen steadily over the past five years as luxury watches are increasingly perceived as an investment in times of zero interest rates. In addition, high quality Rolex fake watches as a manufacturer caps its own production.

The exorbitant prices that collectors or investors pay for the watches are mainly due to the high demand and the relatively low supply. The “hunger” of the market for perfect replica Rolex classic watches, but also for limited special models, is simply insatiable.

That’s why a Rolex is so expensive

So is it just the “hype” about a watch that makes a Rolex so expensive? If you take a closer look at the Swiss company’s luxury watches, you will see that there are in fact other solid reasons that make these Swiss made Rolex copy watches so valuable.

Production by hand

The manufacture of mechanical watches, which are intended to meet high standards, is generally expensive and time-consuming. Rolex is also one of the so-called manufactory brands: the luxury US Rolex replica watches are still assembled exclusively by hand. The automatic movements from Rolex are also famous for their precise running behavior. It is therefore not without reason that one speaks of the high art of Swiss watchmaking.

And that brings us to the next point: Swiss movements Rolex super clone watches’ production facility is located in Switzerland, which is considered one of the countries with the highest labor costs in the world. It goes without saying that a Rolex therefore has a different price tag than a watch made in a factory in the Far East.

High-quality materials

Rolex uses very high-quality materials for its cheap fake Rolex watches. White gold is usually used for the dials. The numbers are made of sandblasted platinum. Of course, this affects the final price.

And when it comes to steel, the Swiss company even goes one step further: only so-called 904L steel is used. In many luxury watches, the already high-quality 316L steel is used for processing. The 904L steel is even harder and makes replica Rolex watches wholesale shinier and more expensive.

Strict quality controls

Rolex company policy is complex and costly – that’s why only 800,000 Rolex fake watches online store are manufactured per year. An enormous amount of control is required for each individual watch. The gemstones have to be placed precisely in the specified position in the millimeter range. If the position deviates by only a quarter of the thickness of a human hair, the watch is rejected.

legend status

Rolex is considered a watch with legendary status. But why actually? In fact, the best quality Rolex replica watches have been worn in many world records or in extreme conditions. Oyster wristwatches accompanied the adventurers on the first overflight of Mount Everest in 1933. They were able to withstand extreme climatic conditions at an altitude of over 10,000 m.

The waterproof Rolex models were also used by British fighter jet pilots during the Second World War. Rolex founder Hans Wilsdorf dedicated his own watch collection to them. The Air-Tiger and Air-King were designed specifically for Battle of Britain pilots.


The reasons for the high price of fake Rolex watches for sale are, on the one hand, the complex and cost-intensive production. On the other hand, the price is influenced by Legend status and high demand.