What is the color of the dial looking? Rainbow dial female form recommended

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The rainbow is a rare nature beauty, opportunities for people living in big cities where tall buildings and even fewer see the rainbow. Read in childhood fairy tales, fairy rainbow is a bridge connecting Cabanatuan intoxicating. Etc. grew, but we understand the rainbow of light refraction, but the rainbow has launched its interpretation to be brilliant. Adult world where there are nostalgic side, the design gurus colorful colorful colors onto the top of the dial, to accompany us through the wonderful brilliant time, every day a rainbow mood. Next Xiaobian recommended seven different colors of the dial female form.
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Red Dial Ladies Watch
Red, which represents not only a warm and lively, passion and dignity in the eyes of the people, it also symbolizes joy and good fortune. Switzerland Ku Erwo CYS – 2012.1BGQ-S1 Ms. mechanical replica watches have a passion for red wine yet extravagance radiation dial lines, three-pin design accompanied by classical Roman numerals and simplicity of the word mark, the outer ring studded with elegant square case circle of diamonds, with the same color burgundy leather wristbands, simple fashion. Vibrant woman calmly confident it can be unfolded essence, in addition, festive holiday choice this Rolex replica watch can also be good, oh!
Jacques Le Mans-La-Passion Series 1-1617G Ladies quartz watch
Orange dial female form
Orange is the color of health and strength, people feel warm and rich, and bring a relaxed feel. And Jacques Le Mans -La-Passion Series 1-1617G Ladies quartz Replica Watches UK fashion dazzling orange dial, it exudes a sense of warmth can not help but want to close. Shine simple shield with sword-shaped pointer point diamond -type scale, revealing fashion style. Stainless steel outer case material selection for a week sparkling orange mosaic crystal , with the same orange silicone strap , the overall style echoes. Tell a lively small series of MM, it will be your energy to everyone around him.
He Bolin-Salombo series 17402/BP53 Ladies quartz watch

Yellow Dial Ladies Watch
Yellow, the color is considered ancient aristocratic, it has a strong temptation, the supreme light people ignore its existence. He Bolin -Salombo series 17402/BP53 Ladies quartz watch the elegant combination of romantic elements, with a stylish bracelet style, the entire table body are used gilt technical processing, chaise-style dial on golden hour, minute silence and the line, 12 diamond scale The sense of luxury is expressed most vividly. Suitable for urban white-collar workers in the business and social etiquette to wear banquet, Jingya make you appear more noble.
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Green dial female form
Green, a symbol of hope and vitality, it is tolerant, people feel fresh and comfortable. Switzerland Diwo Si (Davosa)-Col Ours Series 16753776 Ladies quartz watch dial using a rectangular design, round tables filled with more than personality, green dial set off a romantic digital scale, fine lines with a simple needle, Strap also full breath of spring grass green. Xiao Bian believe that the choice of this fake Rolex watches must be like to help others, not play but the overall feel intimate girl.
CK-series K2824751 Ladies Ladies Ladies quartz watch

Blue dial Ladies Watch
Cyan, pure and elegant, with a translucent pure texture, it is the seven colors of the “small fresh” is not an exaggeration. CK – Series K2824751 Ladies Ladies Ladies quartz watch is also a bracelet style watch dial minimalist to the extreme, not as a general fashion elements to the table with fancy decorations, no scale, only the hour, minute, quietly feeling the flow of time on the dial , interpretation of the “purest, most simple, most stylish” Ca lv in Klein spirit. Little girls like fresh style, choose this watch certainly right!
Switzerland Epos (EPOS)-Ladies Series 4314. Ms. mechanical watches

Blue Dial Ladies Watch
Blue is the color of the sky and the sea, to make people feel tranquil, symbolizing eternity. More likely to exhibit beautiful, sensible temperament. Switzerland Epos (EPOS)-Ladies Series 4314. Ms. mechanical dimensions of 32mm * 9.4mm, for the vast majority of women wear. Dial design ingenuity, using a blue pearl dial Fritillaria, liquidity seductive brilliance and 12 o’clock in the design of the heart-shaped hollow, both the look and feel of the movement operation needs charm, people at first sight. Pure Blue elegant lady showed more calm and quiet charisma.
Omega Omega-Constellation Ladies quartz watch
Purple Dial Ladies Watch
Purple, it is noble and elegant, mysterious and romantic, with a strong feminine character. Omega Omega-Constellation Ladies quartz watch bold purple color, diamonds on the dial down as scattered starry, purple spiral pattern Supernova Nebula star emblem flag spread out by the radiance, round six o’clock position shaped calendar window and flirtatious women echoes Lo alligator strap purple button fixed to watch adds sophisticated fashion. The star-studded luxury Replica Watches UK not so easy to control, if you are born with the temperament of women in art appreciation, and that it is made for you.