Comfortable Blue Leather Straps Rolex Cellini Date 50519 Replica Cheap Swiss Watches For Men

Cellini collection always gives people a decent and elegant impression. It is a perfect choice for people to wear on most occasions. All the Cellini timepieces are full of aesthetic feelings. Rolex Cellini fake watches with Swiss mechanical movements use 18ct white gold for the 39mm cases. Then their cases have dual bezels. One is domed and one is fluted. There are linear gold indexes as the hour markers on the blue dials.

The central three white gold hands show the time clearly and accurately. A small sub-dial with is set to show the date at 3 o’clock. So we can know the elegant Rolex Cellini replica watches have basic and practical functions. The screw-in winding crowns of trumpet shapes are engraved with Rolex logos. The domed sapphire-crystal glasses can resist most scratches to protect the delicate dials. Their precise functions are supported by Cal. 3165, self-winding mechancial movements with perpetual rotors.

The Cal. 3165 are outstanding Rolex movements that are certified by COSC. They can save about 48-hour power. Blue dials Rolex knockoff watches have brilliant and delicate appearances which are appealing to most target customers. Wearing the Cellini can reveal a good taste of wearers. They can feel confident and look reliable at work.

Three Classic Choices: Rolex Day-Date, Cellini And Submariner Replica Models

  1. Rolex Day-Date 118138

The 36mm model has a polished yellow gold case with a fluted bezel. The glossy case is firm enough to endure the water pressure of 100m deep. The cognac-colored dials have a neat layout. They are applied with white luminescent designs. Day-Date collection has a practical and famous function which is an arc-shaped indicator at 12 o’clock. This indicator is set to show the day of a week spelt out in full. Rolex fake watches with cognac-colored leather straps are suitable for both men and women to wear.

  1. Rolex Cellini 50519

This model is more decent and low-profile. The black dials and leather straps make the timepieces look reliable and harmonious. The 39mm white gold cases are equipped with domed and fluted dual bezels. The delicate cases have broad black dials of a clear layout. Their hour markers are slender gold indexes and the central hands are faceted. A sub-dial at 3 o’clock is showing the date. There are no shiny decorations on the whole watches. This model is more favored by male customers.

  1. Rolex Submariner 116618LB

The Submariner model has a blue dial and a blue bezel. The 40mm yellow gold cases are equipped with unidirectional rotating bezels which are covered with blue ceramic rings. The neat blue dials are applied with white luminescent designs. The luminescent design is common to see in diving watches. Their water-resistance is up to 300m deep. The strong Rolex Submariner copy watches have practical and precise functions, appealing to lots of diving lovers.