High Quality Rolex Replica Watches For Sale And Its Color Frenzy: A Look Back At The 1970s

The Rolex catalog is full of iconic models. The great secret of the success of the Genevan brand is due to the fact that the original designs of many of its classics have not been altered. This legendary brand regularly updates its AAA US replica Rolex watches without changing the features that have made them so recognizable, but even great legends need a refresh sometimes! The perfect Rolex Oyster Perpetual fake watches made a surprising styling change in September 2020 in a new version with colorful tones on its dial. Green, turquoise, yellow or coral red were the colors that were worn at that time on the catwalks of the fashion world and that also gave a modern look to the dial of the most emblematic Rolex.

With the enormous technological and innovative capacity of its manufacture, Swiss made Rolex replica watches is able to control all aspects of the production life cycle creating high quality products. Plus, their designs are iconic and truly timeless, so it’s no wonder they’re extremely popular.

“The creation of dials is a true métier d’art, the sum of many skills that require both great artistic talent and the use of the latest technology. Very few watchmakers, like Rolex, bring together all aspects of dial creation, from design to production, under their own roof,” explains the Rolex team.

Nowadays, color variants are causing a stir in the world of watchmaking: even the classic cheap Rolex Oyster Perpetual copy watches has in its latest collections dials in the shades of turquoise, pink, green, navy blue, cream, purple, brown and black.

Rolex Stella dials: a look back at the 1970s

Did Rolex debut with colored dials before 2020? That’s how it is. Rolex dared to go even further than the colors available in this season’s collections in the early 1970s. Green, turquoise, pink, yellow, purple, salmon, peach, red, deep red, orange and blue were the eleven colors that the company offered for the Day-Date and some references of the top replica Rolex Datejust watches, both under the name of Stella Dial.

Although the 1970s were colorful in many ways, colored luxury Rolex fake watches were extremely rare at a time when there was no equal on the market. Rolex produced these dials primarily for its markets in the Middle East and Asia, but even there they were not very successful. As a result, those ambitiously designed 1:1 Rolex super clone watches gathered dust in jewelry store windows until 2020 and today.